SSR Manufacturing Corporation creates manufacturing, engineering, and service solutions for the semiconductor and other manufacturing industries. Assisting customers by increasing productivity and improving system integration. SSR also offers the best in hardware installation services and field services. SSR solutions optimize factory productivity and company efficiency.

Company History

Founded in 1983 as the Intelmatec Corporation, the company initially focused on system engineering for automation in semiconductor factories and cleanroom buildings. Intelmatec Corporation contracted with noble clients such as Intel and Western Digital in Silicon Valley, California.

In 2002, the company changed its name to SSR Manufacturing Corporation, and expanded its business scope to general construction. The company’s expertise grew to include quality construction for high-end retail stores, restaurants, offices and hotels. Today, SSR services also include structural and seismic work, which allows SSR to offer its clients a complete range of services from structural upgrades to high quality finishes. We have successfully completed countless projects in San Francisco and the west coast. SSR enjoys an excellent reputation for quality, coupled with efficient and timely completion of projects.

Over the last two decades, SSR has expanded its presence globally. It established headquarters in Malaysia in 2004, Korea in 2006, China in 2013, and most recently, Japan in 2017.


Company Headquarter Locations

HQ Location Map

SSR Mission Statement

SSR's goal is to be at the forefront of the building industry by our committment to continually developing innovative approaches to construction. We provide a unique work environment that promotes fun, creativity and above all, a passion to excel.